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Improving the security at your manufactured home community will help keep your tenants and their property safe while fostering a sense of well-being. As an owner of a manufactured home community, it is important to be proactive with your security measures. Not only will this increase safety for your residents and their families, it can increase property values, attract new tenants, protect your business, deter criminal activity, and prevent a financially devastating liability claim. 

Tips for Increasing Security at Your Manufactured Home Community

Neighborhood Watch Plans – Creating a group of residents to help watch and protect the community will foster a sense of shared responsibility and empower residents to take action if they witness suspicious activity. When creating the group, it’s important to organize regular meetings and set up a communication network such as a group text or messaging app. Another great idea is to work with local law enforcement to train your tenants on community and personal safety, and protocol if they do witness a crime. 

License Plate Recognition Cameras and Logs – Installing license plate recognition cameras at all entry and exit points of the community with signage letting people know they are being recorded will not only help police with investigations, but also deter criminal activity in the first place. Signage should be in an easy to read location that is visible before entering the community.  One LPR provider our clients use is Insight LPR

Informing All Residents of Any Assault Incidents on Your Property -This is a way to stay transparent with your tenants and make sure they are aware and vigilant. This will also give you the opportunity to provide safety tips, encourage tenants to report suspicious activity, and create a trusting relationship between you and the residents. 

Install Good Lighting throughout the Property – When an area is well lit, it will deter criminal activity and reduce the risk of accidents. Install lighting in common areas, such as parks, office and admin buildings, community centers, laundry facilities, pathways, and parking lots. Ensure that your maintenance staff is regularly checking the lights and residents know to report if they see that a fixture is not working properly.

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Trim All Underbrush in Trafficked Areas – It is important to schedule regular landscaping and maintenance for your community. Overgrown vegetation can provide hiding spots for criminals, increase the risk of them escaping, and create more work for law enforcement. Keeping these areas clear will reduce these risks and improve visibility in the community. 

Adequate Tenant Screening – To keep your community safe and reduce risk, it’s important to ensure that new residents do not have any dangerous felonies on their records. Before accepting a new tenant, conduct a background check and make sure you clearly communicate the screening requirements and criteria to potential tenants. 

All of these tips will protect your community and ensure your tenants feel a sense of security and safety. Getting tenants and your staff involved with security processes and providing resources and training will ensure you’re taking proactive steps to keep the community safe. Learn more about manufactured home community management strategies on our resources page here or contact us through our website to learn more.