Mobile Insurance works with the most fair and ethical mobile home park insurance companies willing to offer the most complete mobile home park insurance coverage at a value to the insured.

While the tenants living in your mobile home park may own their home, there are still many risks involved in running and managing a manufactured housing community.

As an owner and/or operator, you are subject to liability for a multitude of events and happenings at your park. Slips and falls, electrocutions, traffic accidents, decayed trees falling on homes, dog bites, carbon monoxide poisonings, and sewer backups into your tenant owned homes are just a few of the claim types we’ve paid for on behalf of our insureds over the years. With mobile home park insurance from Mobile Insurance, any property such as park-owned mobile homes, offices, clubhouses, storage buildings, fences, signs, utility poles, and park maintenance equipment can also be covered against the following perils:






Theft and More

You should also protect employees working in your park against physical injury. Workers’ compensation will protect you in case an employee gets hurt while working on your property by paying for your injured employee’s medical expenses and lost wages.

Similar to an apartment complex you may offer amenities such as a swimming pool, landscaping, a tennis court, or a playground for use by your residents. You can include coverage in case any of these structures are damaged or destroyed. Your park-owned personal property can also be included in the policy. Consider the number of spaces you are renting for tenant-owned homes as well as any park-owned homes that require coverage. Other areas of consideration include the following:

The number of paved, partially paved, and unpaved roads

Availability and number of RV sites

Property qualification as a retirement mobile park

The property’s level of handicapped accessibility

Lighting of public areas

The use of city water and sewage

Resident pet policies and

Location of Property

These are just some of the factors you must consider when pricing your mobile home park insurance coverage. Mobile Insurance will ensure that your interest is covered including the loss of rental revenue due to damaged property.

Mobile Insurance works with fair and ethical insurance companies offering the most complete mobile home park insurance coverage at the best value. These companies include the following:

  • AM Trust Financial
  • American Modern Insurance Company
  • First Comp Insurance Company
  • Foremost Insurance Company
  • Axis Insurance Company
  • Hanover Insurance Company
  • Nautilus Insurance Company
  • Philadelphia Insurance Company
  • Texas Mutual Insurance Company
  • Gotham Insurance Company
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company
  • USLI
  • Western World Insurance Company
  • and others

Manufactured Home Park Program Application For General Liability

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