At Mobile Insurance, protecting our clients from the financial costs of life’s risks in business and in life is a responsibility we wholeheartedly undertake.
We provide the best knowledge and advise regarding all of your mobile home insurance concerns at the best value.

Read what our clients have to say about our ability to serve their insurance needs and you’ll discover Mobile Insurance is the best representative for your mobile insurance needs.

Frank Rolfe, Principal, Mobile Home of Park Store, Colorado —
“Mobile is our #1 service provider, when our park was destroyed by a tornado, they came through. Our coverage was better than advertised. Our community thrives to this day.”

Sam SpearsPresident of Spears Homes of Kerrville, TX –
“I find the insurance value we get from Mobile Insurance to be above and beyond any I could find anywhere. They answer our calls and questions promptly and treat us as a valued customer.”

Kenny ShipleyPresident, Legacy Homes and Shipley Brothers, Ltd, Levelland, TX –
“Mobile Insurance insures my dealership, park, and factory. They give me straight answers and don’t waste my time. Dealing with them means one less worry.”

Jeff FooteCEO of Homes Plus, Monroe, LA –
“I moved my business to Mobile Insurance because they simply understand my business better than any other insurance agency. My prior agent didn’t really understand my coverage. Mobile Insurance President Kurt Kelley came in and was able to explain those coverage issues in detail to me and my legal counsel. He also saved us money and found us better coverage.”

Deanna Fields, The Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK –
“When I run into a manufactured home industry related insurance issue, I call Kurt Kelley. He’s my go to source for information.”

Kenny MaxeyPresident of Maxey Homes, OK –
“When we have suffered losses, Mobile Insurance has been there. We’ve been paid promptly on most claims, and when we had a coverage concern with one of our insurance carriers, Kurt Kelley contacted the company and was able to explain to them that we did have coverage after all. This saved us thousands of dollars in attorneys fees.”

D.J. PendeltonExecutive Director, The Texas Manufactured Housing Association, Austin, TX –
“Mobile Insurance is year in and year out one of our biggest Association sponsors. In addition, their personnel attend our educational seminars and volunteer for association related activities. They are a valued association member.”

Adam BlakeAtlas Properties, Ft. Worth, TX –
“Mobile does a great job insuring my rental homes. While they give me a better insurance value than I had, their knowledge and professionalism are the biggest reason we do business with them. Even then, I was skeptical when Kurt told me he could write my apartment building insurance at a better rate with better coverage. Turns out, he was right.”

Darla BlanchardPresident of Worldwide Homes, Lumberton, TX –
“Mobile Insurance came in and showed us how to contract with our sub-contractors in a way that significantly limited our operating liability. I’m confident these risk management techniques will save us thousands of dollars over the years.”

Joe GarciaExecutive Director, The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Manufactured Home Division, –
“Mobile Insurance employees regularly attend our industry educational seminars. And our employees like dealing with them. When we request information from them, we get prompt responses.”

Andy ReisingerPresident, Mission Properties, Richmond, VA –
“Our parks vary in size, infrastructure, and operating methods, plus they are scattered throughout many states. Mobile Insurance’s specialized knowledge about park operations and their strong relationships with a broad array of park specialty insurance companies allow them to give us super service and an excellent coverage value.”

Ken OlsonManaging Member, NOW Ltd, LLC, Bountiful, UT –
“We own and manage multiple properties across the U.S. And when I have an insurance related issue, I call Kurt Kelley. His legal training is a valued asset to us.”