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Benefits of Hiring a Park Manager

Running a manufactured home community is a lot of work. If you’re trying to do it all by yourself, it can be a lot to manage. A manager can help you take care of the day-to-day so you can focus on growing your business.

Park managers can help with hiring and managing other staff. They can also be in charge of office duties like bookkeeping, collecting and managing rent, running background checks on potential clients, and helping with budgeting. They can also manage maintenance and tenants’ requests. 

Questions to Ask During the Interview

When you hire a park manager, you want to hire someone who is trustworthy and knows what they are doing. They will be in charge of tenant information and money management. It is a good idea to run a background check before you make the hire official. Here are some questions to ask to help you get an idea of how they will be on the job: 

-What experience do you have? 

Even if the candidate has never been a park manager, they may have experience that is relevant to the position. This will help you get a feel for if they are qualified. 

-How would you handle tenant complaints or requests? 

You want your tenants to recommend your community to their friends and family. If your park manager isn’t taking their request seriously or isn’t friendly, it could damage your business’s reputation. 

How do you practice time management? 

There can be a lot to get done around the community, so you want to ensure whoever you hire is up for the challenge. 


Have you ever managed/ hired contract workers? 

When it comes to contract workers, you want to make sure that your park manager is vetting them and making sure they have the correct insurance

What would you do to make the community better? 

Improvements can always be made and you want to hire someone who will be an asset and help you make these improvements. 

Employee vs. Contractor: What is a Park Manager? 

It is important to set up your park manager with the correct employment status that complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act, otherwise you could have a lawsuit on your hands. It is most likely that your park manager will be an employee rather than a contractor. If the manager is in a permanent position and not just for specific projects, they will be considered an employee. An exception to this is if you hire from a property management company or the park manager has their own property management company. It is important to note that if this is the case, the manager may also be managing other properties. 

Hiring a park manager can be very helpful when it comes to managing your business. For more resources, business management tips, and articles, check out our website here contact us through our website here