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Animal Liability

We have markets for Animal Liability coverage for everything from an overactive Chihuahua to “dabgerous breeds” which most companies won’t touch. We also insure services dogs, therapy dogs, working dogs (bomb sniffers, narcotic sniffers, etc.), guard dogs, and more. Please download this application, provide as much information as possible and email it to or fax to

While most of us see our dogs as valued members of the family, the sad reality is that they can also be a huge liability. Without warning, even the friendliest dogs can nip and bite. A playful nip can be read as aggression by those unfamiliar with your four-legged friend. Not to mention the risk of property damage that can come from dogs who love to chew and dig or who suffer from separation anxiety. This is where animal liability insurance can help.

Dogs are one of the leading causes for homeowners’ insurance claims and you can’t always train away your dog’s bad habits. If you have a dog but do not have animal liability coverage, you are opening yourself up to the potential for a difficult lawsuit. Mobile Insurance quotes a wide range of animal liability coverage including options you won’t find in other policies.

Whether your dog has a bite history or is a breed commonly excluded from homeowner’s coverage, if you are a dog owner and would like some extra peace of mind, let us provide you with an insurance policy which addresses the risk of personal liability for your pet’s actions.

Please note, animal liability policies offer bodily injury and property damage to 3rd parties. It excludes bites to the insured or insured’s family and it excludes property damage that the insured owns/rents.

  • Aegis
  • American Modern Insurance Company
  • Aon
  • Foremost Insurance Company
  • Lloyds of London
  • Maison Insurance Company
  • Standard Insurance Company

  • Southern County Mutual
  • Tower Hill
  • XInsurance

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