Providing your manufactured home community with beautiful and well-kept amenities and spaces will not only attract new residents but also keep your current tenants happy and safe. A well-maintained property is more likely to be safer than one that is not regularly repaired or upgraded. These ideas for community improvements and upgrades can also raise your property’s value and increase tenant retention.

Pools and Parks 

Pools are a great way to add value for your residents. Making sure they are clean and safe will go a long way to ensuring your tenants can enjoy it. Adding chairs, umbrellas, and tables can spruce up the area and attract more residents. When installing or updating your community’s pool, make sure that your pool’s rules are posted in a highly visible place and that there is a fence around the pool’s perimeter. Learn more about pool rules here. 

Parks are a great amenity to attract families with children. If you already have a playground installed, updating the equipment and replacing any that is rusted or broken can help keep residents safe. There should also be 12 inches of wood chips/ mulch or rubber maps. Signage with park rules should be posted at the park entrance. Including park benches and picnic tables will give parents and families places to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Walking Trails and Outdoor Activities 

If you have the room and land for it, adding walking trails and/or outdoor activities will add value to your property and help attract tenants. Other outdoor activity ideas that you could include are a sand volleyball court, disc golf course, or outdoor fitness equipment. 

Roads and Lighting 

Having paved roads that are free of potholes is another way to add value to your community. Damage in the road can cause damage to your tenants’ vehicles that result in costly repairs for them. Paved roads also look nicer and help your community look well-maintained. Adding light poles and installing adequate lighting in your community enhances safety. 

Update the Office Building 

Adding a space for residents such as a business center or a coworking space is a great way to add value for your tenants. Updating the office building is a good way to make sure that your community makes a good first impression on potential tenants.

Keep Up with Curb Appeal and Maintenance

If you are continually making sure the community looks nice and keeping up with any repairs and maintenance, your tenants will know you care about the community. This will give your residents a beautiful and safe place to live.  

As a business owner, you want to continuously look for areas to improve value and safety and increase tenant retention. Making sure your property is repaired or updated when needed is a great way to do that. For more business resources, check out our website here or contact us through our contact page here.